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    • Okey. Thx man that you understanded good job mate
    • impossible the resource area is what u mean and yes we already have that added
    • Will there also be working skilling in deep wild levl 55. There where the gage is. And will the home teleport work the pull leaver. Middle of lava. In deep wild. Beside mage arena. I hope you understand. 
    • Hey there,   Today i've decided to update you guys on the patches i've done the past couple of weeks. I am still very inactive due to work IRl working 36 hours a week the only time i can work on the server is @ friday after 2PM and during the weekends. With this being said lets get to the updates and patch notes.   Bare in mind all these fixes were done on the local server not LIVE. We will update everything at once when the economy server is ready for release. Somewhere between the 31th of October and 30 November. Fixed a couple of nullpointers that would crash the server. Added a couple agility shortcuts, planning on adding them all. Redone thealot of the npc spawns, dumped them from OSRS. Added a few more achievements, economy based achievements. Feel free to suggest achievements you would like to complete! We'll make sure to add them in. We redid the following system, should be better then before. We cleaned out alot of rookie mistakes, which would break code. We now have almost all skillcape perks working. Added the dice bag which can be purchased in the donator store. You can no longer sell items above 5M to the General store. Completed Lizardman shaman combat. We added more wilderness activity such as double exp whilst in the wilderness. We added three rooftop courses, we might add more in the future. We currently have Al-kharid, Seers and Ardougne. Added the hunter skill We now have hiscores, still need to add support for all game modes. We almost completed the warriors guild for defenders.   We're currently working on the following: - Pest control for void - Complete fight caves minigame - The barrows minigame - Skill guides - Pet insurance - And many more to come, feel free to suggest something.
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